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[carousel_client_testimonials][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Bhavin + Puja” ]

Thank you so much for capturing our wedding weekend so beautifully. You were able to bring out the creative side in use with your unique poses and creative energy. We absolutely love the photos and videos you took and are so happy with the selection you have provided us. We have gotten some unbelievable comments from friends and family already. You were able to incorporate and include a variety of everything that made our wedding weekend special. With the wedding over now, our photos and videos are the only way to preserve the special moments. We are so happy that we choose you as our photo and videographer! Thank you again for everything.

[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Rosey + Mike” ]

We wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did on our wedding. I have to imagine you get countless compliments on your photography since everyone raves over the pictures you took for us. But what I am really grateful for is the how incredible you and your entire team were through the entire process. The fact that you took the time to meet with us and get to know us as a couple really meant a lot and definitely showed through the images. The entire day was captured exquisitely and it’s remarkable how you were able to get such great shots so discreetly throughout the wedding. I can’t say enough great things about working with you. Mike and I are so thrilled to have those memories captured in such a beautiful way and appreciate all your help throughout the planning process. Thank you so much!!

[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Pree + Bharat” ]

The KSD Weddings team were professional from start to finish. Our questions were always answered promptly. The KSD team was a source of support throughout the entire process – from the initial booking and package selection, to our wedding day, and, finally, album planning. The KSD team did an excellent job of working with our wedding party, family, and friends to capture our wedding day. Our images are vivid and stunning and we couldn’t have asked for more!

[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Pranav  + Meera” ]

My wife and I chose KSD after evaluating a number of photo and video vendors. We chose KSD because of their professionalism, attention to detail, vividness of the photos and reasonable pricing. Tina and her team delivered as expected! They were extremely professional and the pictures and video came out great. They were punctual and pleasant to work with throughout the process. From the engagement shoot to the sangeet and the wedding reception, we got to know the team and developed a lot of trust in them. The post production process was seamless as well. The photos came out great — they captured all of the key moments of our sangeet and wedding. The video was fantastic as well. It was a great result all around. We recommend KSD highly for your special event!

[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Benita  + Nimesh” ]

Working with Tina and the KSD team was an amazing experience. Tina took the time to really get to know us, understanding our specific ideas and wishes. Tina was very open to new ideas and worked with us every step of the way to make sure we were happy. From our engagement shoot at the big “ring” in Riverside Park to patiently capturing shots with many extended family members, every part of the process was fun and enjoyable. We look at the final photos fondly – and are in awe of how well KSD has captured the emotion and feeling of our special day! We highly recommend KSD!

[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Sheela + Nirmal” ]

KSD Weddings truly made our wedding day magical. The entire crew was punctual, professional, and worked so hard to capture every little detail! They spent time researching the venue before the wedding, mapped out a plan with us to cover all areas of the wedding & reception, and even asked to see pictures of our close family and friends to ensure that the most important people to us were included. They were accommodating to all of our requests for photo/video style, locations, and poses. The entire team was a blast to work with and really made it a stress-free day. The end products were AMAZING! Our videos, highlights, photos, and albums captured the entire day to its fullest. Thank you KSD for allowing our wedding day to remain a beautiful memory for us to cherish forever!

[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Sonal + Sirju” ]

We sought to find a wedding photographer with a particular style. Their photojournalistic style was very appealing to us and we were quickly captivated with the photography and cinematography on the blog. Throughout the whole wedding planning process, Tina and her team were far the best vendor to deal with, prompt, professional, flexible, and ultimately very helpful! Not only did they capture the essence of our blissful occasion, but also captured precious moments with our families. Every smile, every embrace, and every happy tear are wonderfully preserved in our spectacular wedding photos. KSD Weddings exceeded our expectations and their service is truly one of a kind.

[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Neesha + Zvi” ]

My husband and I loved working with Tina and her team at KSD Weddings.  Not only did they take amazing photos, they were a pleasure to work with as well!  They captured our wedding events so beautifully, we had a very difficult time selecting only 200 photos for our album.  And that’s our biggest complaint!  Both the photography and the videography they did were stunning.  We also loved the special touches the team put here and there, including printing photos of us on our photo discs and wedding video.  We can’t wait to have another major event, only so KSD Weddings can be our photographers once again!

[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Tim + Anjoli” ]

From our first meeting , we felt that Tina and her team knew exactly what we wanted for our special day.They were awesome to work with, gave good direction and captured the little details. Tina was very professional to work with and good at keeping us on a schedule to complete all post-wedding matters on time. We recommend KSD weddings to all future couples. Thanks for making our day memorable!

[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Vaibhav + Rina” ]

We had the pleasure of working with Tina for our wedding and engagement shoot. She was always extremely attentive and helpful in planning the photo shoots for our engagement and our wedding day. She ensured that we were always relaxed and comfortable, and this resulted in beautiful photos. Her team was punctual and cordial and managed to capture each moment and detail perfectly! She had great ideas for the backdrops and themes for each of our photos. Overall, a wonderful experience and we would (and have) recommended her to all our friends!

[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Monica + Vishal” ]
The second most important thing next to saying your I Do’s on the big day, we believe, is to make sure that every special moment is captured on film.  This is not an easy task, and for us, choosing the right photographer was extremely important.  We went to many vendors before deciding on KSD Weddings.  Some vendors were so fixated on their own vision, that they couldn’t see ours.  Other vendors were just interested in selling a package; flowers, decor, catering, and photography–a wedding in a box is what we were calling it.  Then we met KSD Weddings, through our event planners, SOSN.  From the very beginning, Tina was warm and personable.  Her personality meshed well with ours.  We didn’t realize how important that would actually be but when you have to be natural in front of the camera, a photographer with whom you feel comfortable with is one of the key elements.  Then Tina asked us about our vision.  Something that many of the other photographers had not.  She understood what we wanted, and this was reflected in our pictures. [br][br]
KSD really tries to get to know the couple.  How and where we fell in love, what is significant to us.  The sample albums that we saw of other couples were far from generic. Each captured the true personality of two individuals uniting as one on the most important day of their lives.  As each day progresses from the actual wedding day, some of the highlights and memorable moments can go from the forefront to the background.  Tina and KSD Weddings, however, were able to capture such beautiful moments to make sure that these memories aren’t able to stray too far.

[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Sheena + Naveen” ]

We LOVED our photos and videos.  They truly captured the story of our wedding so beautifully.  We had some really amazing shots.  KSD put a lot of effort into making sure we had a variety of shots and always had thier creative hat on and added many exciting elements to the process (from shots of us getting ready to the first look etc).  Some of my favorite photos are the candid photos we have while getting dressed, with my sisters with me, and with my husband’s siblings with him.  They are amazing and really capture the love and feelings from that day! It was so hard to decide which pictures to put up and select for our albums.  We now have a lovely collage of wedding photos on our wall, thanks to KSD weddings. [br][br]

Our video… hard to express our feelings about this in words!  The video highlight was simply AMAZING.  I know I am biased, but it is truly one of the BEST I have ever seen, and I think our friends and family agree.  It captured the amazing moments from our wedding, was short and sweet, and is a tear jerker, in a very good way.  We got endless compliments on it.  I know Tina and her team worked really hard on putting together the perfect videos for us and we really, really appreciate it.

[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Rajive + Suzanne” ]

Tina and her team at KSD weddings are absolutely fantastic!! From our first meeting with Tina, you could immediately tell how organized she was and how much she cared to make our wedding day pictures exactly what we wanted and envisioned. She is so detail-oriented, learning all about our wedding day to ensure every magical moment is captured. She’s reliable and so easy to work with, always getting back to us quickly. On the day of the wedding, she was extremely helpful, with more than just photography! Our pictures are truly beautiful. She captured some very special moments and as we looked at our pictures, it was like we were reliving the day. It was wonderful! Thank you KSD!

[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Brinder + Nicole” ]

KSD Weddings, specifically Tina and her team, far exceeded our expectations for photography at both our engagement and wedding. For our wedding, Brinder and I presented what seemed like an insurmountable task to KSD: provide 18 hours of continuous photography and videography coverage, spanning two completely different ceremonies and bridging two quite unique cultures. Amazingly, Tina and her team handled this task with grace and professionalism despite the seemingly endless day. In preparation for our wedding day, Tina exemplified organization by providing us with detailed questionnaires so that she could specifically tailor our wedding day photos to our expectations. Come the day of the wedding, Tina not only arrived on time at each previously determined location, but knew the special groupings we wanted to capture, and was intimately familiar with the layout of our venue so as to provide us with the best picture locations. This organization took an enormous amount of pressure off both Brinder and me especially on such a busy and hectic day. Tina and her team also familiarized herself with the Sikh and Christian ceremonies so she knew exactly which moments should be captured while respecting religious and cultural boundaries. She had unique and innovative perspectives and poses to present, and we are both confident that our photos captured our unique style and backgrounds. We cannot wait to see the finished product!

Thanks again Tina and KSD for your fabulous services!

[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Rita + Fidelis” ]

My husband and I hired KSD films to capture our Holud event. We made such a great decision and couldn’t have been any happier with the service and products that was provided. The entire process from start to finish was such a professional experience which we really value. Even though the Holud is a traditional, cultural event, I wanted a modern feel to it and KSD delivered that and more! I especially loved how unobtrusive my videographer was on the day of the event and the photo journalistic, “story telling” feel of my big day in the video. Everything was tastefully captured: from the big moments to the smallest details! Thank you so much! A special thank you to Tina who was so wonderful, helpful, and diligent with the entire process. We can’t wait for your team to capture more of our special moments in the future 🙂

[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Rekha + Michael” ]

We hired KSD Weddings to be our wedding photographer and videographer. We were very pleased with our wedding photographs. We found Tina to be extremely talented and exceptionally accommodating. We would have no hesitation recommending her to anyone that wants to capture the most beautiful and special parts of their wedding celebration. KSD Weddings also has a special talent for creating a wedding highlight video that immortalizes the most important aspects of your ceremony and reception, but also somehow augments their beauty.

[/carousel_client_testimonial][carousel_client_testimonial name=”Aatish + Aarati” ]

We were beyond pleased with our wedding photographs and video! Words cannot describe the level of professionalism Tina and her team exude. My husband and I were very explicit about how we wanted our photographs to look. Tina delivered! She is very professional but extremely easy-going and such a pleasure to work with. She brought out the love and happiness in all of our events which can be seen in each and every photograph! Our families and friends loved her and we will most definitely have Tina at all of our special events in the future to capture our special moments!