Application Details

We’re on the lookout for an associate photographer and additional second shooters to work with KSD Weddings. Potential candidates should have a solid understanding of photography, as well as have an eye for creative compositions. You should have the ability to spot beautiful natural light, and be artistic with all the details – even the simple ones. You should have the ability to learn and master the KSD “style.” This includes natural light photography in an outdoor setting, magazine style posing, loud candid moments, and vibrant details.

If selected you will be trained to reflect our style and philosophy by assisting us with one wedding on a trial basis followed by second shooting.  You will work towards becoming an associate photographer. Weddings can be up to 16 hour days, on Saturday and/or Sundays, with the occasional Thursday or Friday.

The majority of our weddings are currently in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, or Philadelphia areas.  Please know that at the moment this is NOT a full-time opportunity. We are looking to build two strong associate teams in the near future.

Your responsibility is to show up with as much passion and enthusiasm for the wedding day as the Bride and Groom. You will be expected to be early, be flexible, and be extremely friendly and courteous.

Please note this position is NOT for someone looking to start their own wedding photography business. We’re looking for someone who enjoys photography but may not love or have the time to manage a studio or run a business. The studio will maintain copyright to all images, so this is not an ideal position for a photographer looking to build their own portfolio.

Compensation will be discussed in person. If you are coming to and are interested in being an assistant and have no experience, and if you are selected, your first few jobs with us will be unpaid as we are offering you training. This position does NOT include benefits such as healthcare or 401k’s.

– Must be willing and able to shoot in a style similar to KSD Weddings style
– Must be able to easily connect with the Bride and Groom produce frequent smiles on everyone’s faces
– Must be able to connect with a Bride and have excellent communication skills
– Must be willing to be a helping hand on the wedding day
– Must be willing to demonstrate incredible amounts of energy through the entire day
– Must be willing to accept guidance and critique about work and want to continue to grow
– Must be dependable and timely
– Must dress in all black professional attire
– Must have a valid drivers license
– Must own Canon gear (5D Mark II or Mark III with L glass lenses – preferably PRIME lenses)
– Must have access to a car
– Candidate should have an appreciation and respect for the wedding industry and for our objectives, standards, goals and philosophy

– Photographer’s responsibility is to shoot and document the entire wedding. You are contributing your creative eye. After the wedding, you will back up and then hand over or overnight all RAW files. The studio will cull and edit.
– Images are the exclusive copyright of the studio and will not be able to be used in photographer’s personal portfolio.
– Must understand you are representing the studio. Distribution of personal business cards/ information is not tolerated.
– Must understand that the studio will not be liable for any equipment. You are solely responsible for all of your equipment.
– Must understand that you will be surveyed by the Bride and Groom immediately after their wedding to ensure the highest level customer service. (Studio will offer bonuses for positive surveys and testimonials.)

Please e-mail us at and put in the subject line something simple like “Interested in Associate Photographer Position”… or “Interested in Second Shooter Position.”

Please include in your email:
1. A paragraph about your personal philosophy or approach on anything (Life, Photography, etc.)
2. A short paragraph about yourself and why you would make a good candidate
3. A short paragraph on your strengths and weaknesses
4. A short paragraph about your long term photography goals
5. Let us know what areas you are willing to cover (for example: Long Island, New York City, etc.)
6. Attach a PDF resume of your work experience (even if its not all 100% photography related)
7. Please provide a link (Dropbox or Flickr) of your favorite 25 images that you have taken. If you don’t have 25, take some pictures of your friends, family, relatives… whomever you can before applying.