Hi, I'm Tina

Founder and Lead Photographer for KSD Weddings

I will capture moments of your day so that you can feel all of the love and happiness, that tell a true story, and make you feel like you were there. 🙂


Hi. I am Tina, founder of KSD Weddings, and a wedding photographer for those who can´t wait to celebrate their love and remember the moments.


Why do I do what I do?

I love to capture moments filled with love and happiness. I call these moments “Magic Moments.” These are moments that when we think about, truly fill us up in inside. And, when we have images that truly capture the essence of these moments, we will never forget how we happy we felt.

I love to shoot with a documentary style approach with a small touch of tradition. 

Documentary means I want to let moments unfold naturally.  I want to capture the story of your day in a way that you can go back anytime you want and feel like you were there. I want you to feel incredible love and happiness when you look back at the images of your day.

“Dear Tina, We just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for the wonderful job you and your team did covering our wedding day. When we chose you as our wedding photographer, we were both very ecstatic because your work is beyond incredible. You were the first vendor we booked once we started planning this wedding and we never looked back on our decision. Your genuine enthusiasm and eye for detail sets you apart from the rest. Working with you made us feel so comfortable and at ease on our wedding day. It truly felt like we were working with friends. Not just us, but our entire family, all our friends and the wedding party loved your laid-back style really helped all of us enjoy the day even better.”

– Gauri & Maulik 


I do it because I love capturing moments that make you feel nothing but love.


Those moments are what gives us power in our lives. It is the opportunity to capture magic moments, and that is why I do what I do.

Because I put so much of my heart into each wedding, I do have to have to only accepting 20 weddings per year. This is what ensures each my clients will get the attention they deserve, so they can be truly comfortable and allow me to capture “their true beautiful selves” in front of my camera on the wedding day.

Why Work With Me?

Sure you can hire a photographer to show up a take photos.

But, not a lot of photographers will truly capture the true moments.  Many will just show and up shoot the day. They will probably take nice pictures because your wedding will be beautiful. However, I believe it’s important to be thinking 10 steps ahead, anticipate the moment, and capture each moment as it unfolds.

Because of how much I truly care… that is what I believe sets me a part.   How did I get started?    I photographed my first wedding in high school. It was for my best friend’s mom. At that time, I had no idea that it was a sign of what was yet to come. It never occurred to me that this could be a career. I grew up in a household that supported “do what you enjoy” but at the same time school is important so “choosing pre-law or pre-med” are good options. While I was studying at the University of Miami, I started out pre-med. Well, after admitting to myself that I faint at the sight of blood and will probably never get over that… I changed directions. And, I went pre-law. Things were going well and I even received a scholarship that would have paid for law school completely. But, in my sophomore year, I experienced a personal tragedy (the kind that that forces you to look at life differently…) It was so bad that I questioned if I was going in the right direction.  I ended changing majors again, and studied Computer Information Systems knowing that a degree in IT would help me no matter which direction I ended up. With all the changes and ups and downs – the one thing that has always been consistent for me is my love for photography. I started photographing nature and landscapes. I wanted to capture what was beautiful in life. I wanted to focus on the good. Photography helped me maintain that positive perspective. I remember walking past the art school in college, but never gave myself the permission to make it a career. What I learned years later, is what we are meant to do sometimes chooses us… sometimes we don’t always choose it. It may just find it’s way to us. A few years after graduating, I woke up one day with the entrepreneurial bug. I really wasn’t happy with my job, and knew deep down that I had more potential. I really wanted to create something of my own. Without thinking too much into it, I just decided to start. (You’ll come to know that procrastination isn’t really a weakness of mine. I love that feeling of going after it once you’ve made the decision…) Now, I did have a problem. I didn’t own a camera at the time, I had no formal training (outside of my I.B. art class in high school), and I knew nothing about what it meant to create an actual business. I bought my first camera and lens from Best Buy, and within a week was shooting my first event. The events grew into weddings, and my first two years I learned by being a second photographer to other shooters. Eventually I felt good about the portfolio, and really started to venture out on my own. It’s been a slow and steady journey. (I had rent my equipment that I really need for the first couple of years. But, I am proud of the fact that I started from scratch because I’ve learned so much along the way.) Photography really has been a gift in my life. When I am shooting, it’s like everything else just stops. I enjoy being there for you, and treat each of my weddings as if I was shooting for my own family. Seven years later and wedding photography has allowed me to travel, meet amazing people, and really push myself creatively. What really keeps me going is being able to capture what I like to call “magic moments.” These are the good things in life that happen to us. And, when we focus on magic moments, they can help fuel us forward. I see weddings as a treasure box of magic moments. It is my job to spot them (even if you may not see them all because there is so much happening at once.) I want to capture these moments of goodness – of love, joy, laughter, connection, compassion – and create images of them for you through my lens. I know that I am truly blessed and lucky to get to do what I do. I get to spend one happiest days of your life with you, and I don’t take my responsibility to be your eyes for that day lightly. KSD grown into a small team of photographers and cinematographers. We are all committed to bringing our A game for you. We don’t just take pictures or shoot video, we capture moments with our heart. No matter where your wedding is, I hope that we’ll have the chance to connect. I would be honored to capture your celebration, and would love to hear more about your vision for your day. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to send me a message here. From there, we’ll schedule a time to chat or video chat. 😉 Looking forward to meeting you soon! With love, ~Tina