About Our Approach


Shooting a wedding the KSD way requires prep, planning, commitment and creativity. [br] We know that your moments only happen once. We know how important these moments are to you to be captured in a way you can look on for years and decades to come. Below are some of essential elements that make up our style and practice.

Getting Prepared

It’s not ok to hire a photographer, and then just have them show up at the wedding. Our friendly team wants to learn about your wedding – and we love details! We will be meet over Skype or FaceTime to get to know you and understand your vision for your day.

Our Team

We are a team of professional Magic Moment Capturers. We have a passion for photography and love. We are a friendly bunch who are dedicated to bringing creativity to capturing your special moments.

Cameras & Lenses

We shoot with the best high end full-frame cameras. Our lenses are a combination of zoom and prime lenses which allow us to provide a variety of shots and expand on creativity.

Raw vs Jpeg

We shoot in Raw. Raw allows us to streamline our workflow for consistent results. Jpeg in the final format that is delivered to you.

Posing & Direction

We take an organic approach to posing. This means we provide direction when needed, and then also step back to allow the moment to be captured naturally. We believe in a variety of shots – some posed and some natural (but nothing heavily posed or overly traditional).

Post Processing & Artistic Editing

Even digital photos need to be developed. We post process all of our images in Adobe Lightroom for color correction. Vibrant, natural, beautiful colors are all important elements of our style. A selection of images will be edited as black and whites or creatively edited for artistic appeal.


When you select an album with us, you will decide on which images make the final cut for your album. If you have any additional retouching requests on those, we are happy to work with you on them.

Image Delivery

Your images are delivered to you through a beautiful online gallery. Our online gallery system allows you to share, store favorites, and purchase images. Our gallery also serves as our online back up system for all our images.


Quality takes time but shouldn’t take forever. We will take approximately 6-8 weeks for post processing before your online gallery becomes available.

Albums & Design

There is nothing better than seeing your special images in a beautiful printed album. We provide custom digitally designed flush mount albums (that you get to proof) and then are shipped directly to you.


We use a variety of lighting techniques from natural light, LED lighting, creative bounce flash techniques, and off-camera lighting to create the highest quality images.

Video Production

Videography is captured in DSLR. We provide a comprehensive edit of your day. Your final DVDs are edited with menu chapters for easy navigation and presented to you in BluRay.