Happy 4th of July!

This is one of my favorite holidays!

I thought a fun way to celebrate this day would be with a few sparkler photo tips for Brides!

Sparklers are a great way to add even more magic to your day, and it’s also a great opportunity for your photographer to create some unique shots.


If you would love to try sparkler photos at your wedding, here are some things you’ll definitely want to consider: [br][br]

1. Venue/ Location
Be sure to clear this with your venue first. They may or may not permit sparklers due to safety or hazard issues. If they do, find out where “safe” areas are for sparklers. You need to consider where your “exit” will take place, and where you will want to do your couple photos with sparklers. For couple photos, you’ll need a large open space that is very dark. Golf courses are usually great locations for sparkler photos.
2. Coverage/ Time
Be sure you have your photographer there for enough time. You can only do sparkler photos at night and most sparkler photos for couples are done during the reception after dancing begins. Sparkler photos aren’t quick photos either. They will take time to test, set up and will require multiple takes. You will want to plan on leaving your reception for about 25-30 minutes to take these photos.

3. Guests
Be sure to let guests know in advance that there will be sparklers. You will want to make sure that they stay until the end to be able to participate in this moment.

4. Posing
For couple photos, a sparkler photo requires a long exposure. This means that you will have hold a comfortable pose for an extended time. Ask your photographer about the pose that would work best and try practicing holding the pose so you’ll be ready for the moment on your wedding day.

5. What To Get
You will want to consider how many sparklers to get and what to get. Not all of your guests may be there for this moment, so do a count for the number of sparklers you need based on 80% of the guest count. You will also want to make sure you have enough matches to light the sparklers. The length of the sparkler is important as well. You will ideally want a sparkler that has a burn time of at least 90 seconds. The longer the sparkler, the better they will work out for pictures.

6. Where to Get Them
This website is one worth checking out. The sparklers are made for weddings:

Hope you enjoyed these tips! Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

Much love,