The Westin Governor Morris was such a beautiful backdrop for Ankita and Anshul’s celebration! Congratulations Ankita and Anshul, our team was honored to be a part of your celebration! Enjoy the sneak preview below! ~Tina [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0002 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0004 [br][br]


Westin Morristown_0006[br][br]

Westin Morristown_0007 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0008 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0009 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0014 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0011[br][br]

Westin Morristown_0012 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0015 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0016 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0017 [br][br]


Westin Morristown_0019[br][br]

Westin Morristown_0020 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0021 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0022 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0023 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0024 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0025 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0026 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0027 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0028 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0029 [br][br]


Westin Morristown_0031 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0032 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0033 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0034 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0037 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0038 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0039 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0040 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0041 [br][br]

Westin Morristown_0042[br][br]