Judie and Edwin, congratulations on your beautiful wedding celebration! Our team was honored to be a part of your day, and we wish you all the happiness in the world. Enjoy the sneak preview below! ~Tina + KSD Weddings [br][br]

HL-32 [br][br]

HL-1 [br][br]

HL-11 [br][br]

HL-4 [br][br]

HL-13 [br][br]

HL-21 [br][br]

HL-15 [br][br]

HL-18 [br][br]

HL-19 [br][br]

HL-27 [br][br]

HL-28 [br][br]

HL-33 [br][br]

HL-35 [br][br]

HL-36 [br][br]

HL-25 [br][br]

HL-37 [br][br]

HL-39 [br][br]

HL-42 [br][br]

HL-47 [br][br]

HL-49 [br][br]

HL-54 [br][br]

HL-55 [br][br]

HL-58 [br][br]

HL-60 [br][br]

HL-64 [br][br]

HL-67 [br][br]

HL-72 [br][br]

HL-73 [br][br]

HL-74 [br][br]

HL-79 [br][br]

HL-84 [br][br]

HL-87 [br][br]

HL-95 [br][br]

HL-137 [br][br]

HL-97 [br][br]

HL-99 [br][br]

HL-103 [br][br]

HL-108 [br][br]

HL-115 [br][br]

HL-116 [br][br]

HL-117 [br][br]

HL-120 [br][br]

HL-121 [br][br]

HL-125 [br][br]

HL-126 [br][br]

HL-129 [br][br]

HL-130 [br][br]

HL-133 [br][br]

HL-136 [br][br]

Wedding Team:
Venue: Christhava Tamil Koil
Venue: World Fair Marina
Event Designer: G&R Deco and Event House
Florist: Teddy’s Florist
Cake: Made in Heaven