We all know that iPhones can take some amazing pictures.

We see it at weddings.

Moments like the first dance, the cake cutting, the first kiss… all captured beautifully by guests with their iPhones and iPads and seconds later posted online.

I know if I was that Bride… I would want a copy of those pictures. Wouldn’t you?

So, what’s the best way to get your guests pictures?

1. Encourage your guests to take pictures at your wedding.

(I am sure every pro photographer will be ready to hate me for saying that!)

Don’t you remember when we were younger attending weddings where they had the disposable cameras on the tables? I loved those party favors! But, nowadays we don’t really need them because of our mobile technology. Just let guests know that you want them to capture moments. You could encourage them by holding a fun contest for your guests for the person who takes the best iPhone pic! I think it would awesome to see what your friends and family come up with.

2. Create a #hashtag for your #wedding.

It’s the best and easiest way to capture and share all your guest’s pictures.

A hashtag will save you the trouble of searching through posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All your photos and video clips can end up on in one place. It will be easy access for you and your friends and family.


How Hashtags Work

A hashtag is a tag applied to social networking posts that notifies viewers that the posts are part of a group. These tags work on sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. When you click on a hashtag, you’ll see other posts that are labeled with such a hashtag. To denote a hashtag, simply add the # symbol before the tag. For example, a status that incorporates a hashtag might read, “Here are the first photos of our engagement session #TinaSidWedding.”

Selecting Your Hashtag

Your hashtag should be something that’s easy for guests to remember and easy to spell. Most couples choose their first or last names, but if your names are hard, try using a combination of both of your names. Some ideas for hashtags might include:

  • The date of your wedding plus your first name
  • Your first names paired together
  • Your last name(s) plus the word wedding
  • A code word that’s an inside joke between you and friends; make sure it’s a relatively uncommon phrase. Otherwise, your stuff might end up mixed in with someone else’s hashtags.

Notifying Your Guests

For your hashtag plan to work, you’ll need to let your guests know what you’re up to. Put your hashtag on all wedding communications, including your save the date cards, wedding invitations, and wedding website. Make an announcement at the beginning or end of your wedding requesting that guests use your hashtag when they post images. You may even want to put up a sign. When you post about your own wedding, use the hashtag. This gets guests used to the phrase, and increases their likelihood of using it.[br][br]

A hashtag is one simple way to access the images your guests create without a major hassle. It takes a bit of time to plan at first, but that extra effort is well worth it.