Do you love surprises?

If the answer is yes, then yes it would be an awesome idea to give a small gift before the first look. I love small tokens like a single flower, a drawing from my daughter or anything simple and from the heart makes me smile.

I love it when couples fill their wedding day full of small surprises. 

Have you watched wedding video highlights and seen the moment right before the first look when a note is being written? A lot of couples will exchange notes before their first look. Some couples will give a small token or meaningful gift with their note. Its not mandatory – but something as small as a single rose to the person you love on your wedding day can go a long way.

Here are a few gift ideas to help inspire you to create a special surprise and magical moment for your loved one on your wedding day! (And don’t worry, there’s a great gift at every price point, and some gifts require only effort, not a costly financial investment.) This picture below is from a wedding where the Groom put together a very personalized and meaningful gift bag for his Bride. He knew she loved Duck Tales! (Who doesn’t love Duck Tales?!) And it was symbolic of more happy moments to come….


Lists and Letters of Love

This is the classic wedding day gift – a love letter than can be delivered immediately before your first look. If you want to go even farther, try keeping a small notebook and jotting down all the reasons you love your partner over the course of a month or so. Then present it on your wedding day. Who wouldn’t love to receive something like that?!


Jewelry is a traditional wedding day gift for women. It’s especially thoughtful to get your bride something traditional, such as the “something blue” tradition says she should wear on her wedding day. But it’s not just brides who relish jewelry. A set of nice cuff links or a classic watch can make excellent gifts for grooms.


A picture really is worth a thousand – or a million – words. 😉 Try surprising your honey with a framed photo of the two of you that he has never seen before. Want to get even more creative and daring? Some women have boudoir photos taken just before their wedding, then deliver them on their wedding day. I’ve been considering adding boudoir sessions on to wedding day packages. If this is something you might be interested, let me know. I think any moment where you can capture yourself feeling strong and beautiful and share that with your loved one is priceless….

Other options include a scrapbook of the two of you dating, an album full of your best pictures, or even an awesome picture of the two of you with your families together.

Gifts of Things They Love

Sometimes the best gifts are those that show that you really know your fiancé, Rather than going with tradition, try stepping outside of this comfort zone and getting something that will truly improved your beloved’s life. Tickets to a concert or something for a post-honeymoon vacation can give you something to look forward to when the excitement of being newlyweds dies down.


The true key when you buy first look gifts is to focus on what your fiance likes rather than listening to what everyone else tells you. The real joy in gift giving is showing how much thought you put into the other person’s needs, so don’t just buy the first thing you see. Think about what will be a meaningful wedding day gift that will last a lifetime.