It was 11:30 at night and I had been up late editing some of my recent shoots when a potential Bride emailed me. I am always curious to know how people come across KSD Weddings. Since we only focus on 20-25 weddings per year, I don’t engage in massive advertising campaigns so I like to know how people find KSD…which is usually either through referrals, Google, or from editorials.  The Bride said that she found me through NY Mag. Really??? I couldn’t believe it! I am a visual person, so I needed to see it. Last night Sid, Kareena, and I drove out to Barnes and Noble. After picking up a handful of Dora books, we made our way to the magazine aisle and there it was!  KSD Weddings – a part of the exclusive Photographer’s Directory with New York Magazine. All the vendors listed are hand selected by the publication. What an honor!  ~Tina