In less than just a couple of weeks, the KSD Wedding season officially begins!
I’ve been anxious and excited to get back to shooting weddings. I have been so accustomed to seeing weddings through the eyes of a photographer… that it was a great opportunity to be apart of a wedding as a guest. At the same token, once a photographer, Always a photographer. Once that camera goes into my hand, I cannot resist shooting. So with my daughter Kareena in one hand, and camera in the other… I was able to sneak in a few shots throughout the day. Here are a few images from Disha and Hemant’s Wedding at The Imperia, NJ. Disha and Hemant, best of luck to you both! Your wedding was a blast! ~Tina

I loved Disha’s smile in the picture.

My brothers… Sanjay and Pancham

More family… 🙂

Loved Disha’s colors and decor!

And the outfit!!

My cousin’s daughter Hiral performed one of the most beautiful dances… ever!

Priya and Kareena!

Finally… me and Kareena.