They both are the most down-to-earth-amazing couple and they had the perfect wedding – truly. For Matt and Kim, every detail of their wedding seemed to just so naturally come together. He is an Executive Chef. She is an amazing Pastry Chef. And every element of their wedding was so true to them. The reception was celebrated with brunch and the menu was amazing! The decor was the most beautiful combination of fresh flowers and herbs that were arranged in classic milk bottles and jars! The cake was unforgettable. It was a true masterpiece made by their good friend Jansen Chan. The day was unforgettable. Everyone.. their friends, family… had a wonderful time! Kim, you looked absolutely beautiful!

Kim and Matt… thank you. It was truly an honor to be apart of your wedding. Wish you both much love and happiness! Congratulations! ~Tina

Wedding Team:

Venue: The Liberty House Restaurant

Cake: Jansen Chan

Special Desert: Bischoff’s Ice Cream Parlor

Hair and Makeup: Expert Makeup Artistry & Hair Design