Her gorgeous red sari dress. His signature white shoes.
Flowers. The Flame. The Honey. Vows. The Rings.
A blend of customs and tradition, romance and fun.
No one knew. Gita and Kian had “eloped!” They got married!!!

It was a huge honor to be Gita and Kian’s photographer on such a special day. Their shoot had been scheduled. But, it wasn’t going to be just an engagement session – it was to celebrate their wedding day. Bringing together both Indian and Iranian traditions, Gita and Kian had a beautiful intimate ceremony at the Magnolia Garden in Philadelphia.

It was a day filled with love and laughter. Their dream had come true.

Congratulations Gita and Kian. What an amazing day! I am so happy for you both and so excited for your reception next month! ~Tina

You both are so truly lucky…

I have got to have a sari dress made! Soooo beautiful!!