If you really have say goodbye to Philadelphia, then you want to make sure you can take in every last moment of this great city. Whether its the people, the streets, and even the food – you don’t want to forget those moments that brought you to where you are today. For Asha and Sagar, it couldn’t have been a more perfect day.. and it was their last official day in Philadelphia.

They were in the same class at UPenn. Little did they know that the connection they had made in Hindi class would bring their worlds full circle eight years later. We spent the afternoon close to Rittenhouse Square (where they had enjoyed countless picnics), then they showed me the beautiful UPenn campus, and we ended our session in Philadelphia’s beloved Museum District.

The next time that I will see Asha and Sagar will be in New York! Congratulations Asha and Sagar! You both are such wonderful people, and I can’t wait for the wedding just a couple months away! ~Tina

LOVED the Love Sign at UPenn’s Campus!

True Love that is Happily Ever After!