When she woke up that morning, she had no idea that it would be today… that today would finally be the day.

When I woke up that morning, I saw a text.. “Its game time!” There were an innumerable amount of texts, emails, and phone calls leading up to that moment. It had been pre-planned, planned, and re-planned.. every step was going to be perfect. My brother was going to propose!

As far as she knew, she was to accompany me on a shoot that day – little did she know that it would be for her. The location was the beautiful piers of Long Island City… with astonishing views of Midtown Manhattan.

Here is Priti.. moments before the Proposal… enjoying the sounds of the guitar (who was playing all their songs), not knowing that my brother was only a few feet away in disguise. Cameras were on her, but she didn’t doubt me one bit when I said we had to wait because the “couple was late.” It was simply more time for her to enjoy the music. Her best friend Priya and good friend Dan were also both there in on the plan.

I was a good 20 feet back capturing the entire scene. Even with both photo and video there to capture the moment, she was not suspect. Priti – you were surrounded! LOL 🙂

Congratulations Sanjay and Priti! We are all so incredibly happy for the both of you! ~Tina

Following the proposal the “shoot” took place. Here are a few pictures of the newly engaged couple!