Rachana and Dhiren celebrated a beautiful 3 day wedding in Philadelphia, PA and Cherry Hill, NJ. The first day of the celebration was the Mehendi Party. A little history behind mehendi.. the art of applying henna: Traditionally, a bride applies henna to both her hands and feet. The henna is applied by a mehendi artist who will create a design full of rich and intricate detail. (Great work by Rachana’s artist… Prerna Walia) Various cultures have different meaning behind the significance of henna, but some believe that the darker the red.. the deeper the husband’s love..

Rachana arrived at the Mehendi party celebrated at her home in a fun, fabulous indian outfit. I absolutely love Rachana’s style!
It was a great evening celebrated with Rachana’s friends and family. Fabulous decor was done by LAX States. Thank you again to No 29 Events for coordinating a wonderful 3 day affair. Also thank you to Rachana’s family for welcoming me into your home. ~Tina

Please enjoy the sneak preview below: